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AKA Foo Foo

FooFoo was one of the first participants to join the Visions program. He came to VISIONS after sitting at home for several months without a program. Visions was thrilled to have FooFoo join. FooFoo helped create Vision's brand of community helpers. Visions developed a unique opportunity for FooFoo to thrive in his community. Although FooFoo is non verbal, his smile speaks volumes!

With support from the Visions program, FooFoo explored his community in Berkeley. We play baseball with firefighters on our community inclusion days. FooFoo visited with his friends at the Farmer’s Market.  We supported the literacy program in Richmond by selling and donating books. We also delivered Bags of Sunshine to seniors in convalescent homes. We stocked Global Reaching Out Food Pantry and developed our janitorial service for churches and small bay area businesses.

Carol Griffin (2).jpg

Carol G. loves to travel. Her favorite spot is New Orleans, Louisiana. Carol also does fantastic voice-overs with our video shorts created in collaboration with Fizzletown Productions. Carol has an alter-ego super-hero talent; she is Cat-Woman, the champion and defender of big cats. As an advocate for humane treatment of big cats, Carol has written and received letters from Senator Diane Feinstein for her interest in big cats.  
Carol is also one of our Kindness Keepers primary puzzlers. Putting together beautiful, colorful puzzles, then framing them for senior citizens is another one of Carol’s many talents.    

Derek turner pic.jpeg

Derek is our resident Sports Guy and Action Movie Fan. Derek keeps everyone informed of the game dates, game final scores and his own special commentary on the players he loves. He loves all sports, but he is truly Team Warriors, Stephen Curry. Derek brings interesting enactions of the team players he is not crazy about. Derek shares with the group by writing out his comments and commentary. Derek is faithfully on his job in our Zoom meetings.

During this pandemic, Derek has inspired the Visions Community by leading group stretching and exercising in our daily Zoom class. Derek’s contribution with support from his mom, Miss Grace has been priceless. Derek and Miss Grace generally participate together in our Zoom class. Miss Grace and Derek are the icing on the proverbial cake in our Zoom class, daily love fest.

raven harper smiling.jpeg

Raven is our resident soloist. She won first place in so many of our talent show performances that she now participates as a guest soloist in our events. Raven is multi-talented; she does arts and crafts and loves working on her projects. As a vocalist, Raven is inspiring in her performances - she practices and learns all of the lyrics to her songs and she even coaches her peers with performance tips. Raven has thrived in our annual talent shows.

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